About us


We as the staff of Madeleine d’Houet School realize our purpose and we:
- accept the parents as primary educators
- accept the role of humble servant
- believe that every child has the capacity of unlimited growth and that we are entrusted with affording them every opportunity to ensure and further that growth

Therefore, it follows that to afford every child the opportunity to grow spiritually, we will:
– Treat every child with the respect that is the right of every child of God.
– Transmit our Christian heritage by word and by deed.

To afford every child the opportunity to grow socially, we will:
– foster an environment which is conductive to meaningful interaction among pupils, parents, and the community at large.

To afford every child the opportunity to grow intellectually, we will:
– keep current with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the intellectual development of children in a changing society.
– foster the development of the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes in a healthy and open environment.

To afford every child the opportunity to grow physically, we will:
– develop an interest in physical activity as an essential component of an active, healthy lifestyle
– foster the growth of knowledge, attitudes, and skills that will enable the child to assume responsibility for healthy living and personal well-being

Madeleine d’Houet School is a Calgary Catholic School. Catholicity represents our “raison d’être” and for that very reason, it becomes necessary to elaborate our spiritual objectives.

Even though parents are the primary religious educators of their children, Madeleine d’Houet School recognized its special mandate of creating a Christian community comprising personnel and children, in close communication with families and parishes.

Madeleine d’Houet School models itself on Jesus, the ultimate teacher, by helping the school community to discover the Father’s plan as He reveals it through:
– His creation
– events within the human community
– the Holy Scriptures
– the teachings of the Church

Jesus came so we can all live… and live fully. Likewise, it is within such a context that Madeleine d’Houet School community will strive to welcome families of all cultures and children of any level of learning, imparting hope in the present and in the future.


Based upon a person’s relationship with God, through creation and salvation, Madeleine d’Houet School’s core purpose is to provide, to the best of our abilities, opportunities for an enriched bilingual, Catholic education, enabling individuals to achieve their full potential in order to contribute positively to today’s changing world.